What is a personalized online ticket?
A personalized online ticket contains the first and last names of the ticketholder. A personalized online ticket can be purchased exclusively via www.studio.berlin. Only ticketholders whose full names are printed on the ticket and can show ID will be granted entrance to the exhibition.

Is it possible to change the name on the online ticket?
We kindly ask you to plan your online ticket purchase well. In exceptional cases you can request to change the name on the ticket. This request must be send to ticket@studio.berlin at least 50 hours prior to the scheduled time slot and must come from the original buyer. We need ticket number and name of the current ticket owner, proof of payment, reason for the change and name, phone and email of the new owner.

How will the identity of online ticket holders be checked?
Ticket holders’ IDs will be checked upon entrance to the exhibition. All ticket holders must present a valid photo ID (e.g. national identity card, passport, drivers license). If a ticket holder is unable to present valid ID, the event host has the right to refuse entrance to the exhibition.

Who qualifies for a discount?
School pupils, university students, apprentices, trainees, retirees, recipients of German welfare (ALG II) or unemployment benefits (ALG I), people with disabilities (from 50% disability) are eligible for a discount with proof of their respective statuses. This will be checked upon entrance to the exhibit. If the ticketholder is unable to show proof for their discount, they will have to pay the remaining difference of the full ticket price.

Can I buy tickets at the venue?
No. Tickets are only available for purchase online at www.studio.berlin.

Can I return or exchange my online ticket?
Any previously purchased online ticket cannot be returned or exchanged.

When should I arrive?
Due to current hygiene and security regulations, entrance to the exhibition will begin fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. We kindly ask you to arrive at this time to help facilitate the entry process.

Is photography, video or sound recording permitted?
NO! Photography, video recordings and sound recordings of any kind are all strictly prohibited within the entire building. This begins as soon as the building is entered. Should these rules be violated in any form, the ticketholder in question will immediately be asked to leave the premises. The ticket will also immediately lose its validity. Various recording devices are not allowed in the building.

What happens if I arrive late or don’t show up?
It is not possible to admit any ticketholders who have arrived late for their time slots or who have failed to show up at the scheduled time. In both instances no refunds or any other form of compensation will be granted.

Is it possible to change the name on the online ticket?
We kindly ask you to plan your online ticket purchase well. That said, the name on the ticket can be changed up to fifty hours prior to your scheduled time slot.

What will happen to my personal data?
According to §3 of the German Infection Protection Act we are obligated to save your data for thirty days. After this period your data will automatically be erased.

Is the exhibition accessible to those with disabilities?
The majority of the exhibition is wheelchair accessible. In order to reach the building’s different floors, an elevator can be accessed together with one of the exhibition’s employees. When purchasing the ticket, we kindly ask you to mention in advance that you will be attending with a wheelchair.

Where are the toilets?
Toilets are located in the building’s coat check area. For security reasons, no other toilets will be accessible in the rest of the building. For this reason it will not be possible to use the toilets while viewing the exhibition.

Can I bring food or drink into the exhibition?
No food or drink is allowed inside the exhibition. We offer drinks and snacks at the Bierhof Rüdersdorf am Berghain (our outdoor Beergarden), which can be visited before or after viewing the exhibition.


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